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About pages are pretty interesting.  I confess it is one of the first things I read when I read someone else’s blog.  What makes this person, “them”?  But here’s the deal, blog author’s are in control of what you know, so really we are telling you only what we think is important for you to know.  That’s sort of odd in a way, because I can make myself look much better than I really am.  Really I want to introduce myself to you in a well-rounded sort of way.  Here goes…

First things first: My name is Carol McLaughlin.

  • I am a child of God and follower of Christ.
  • I desire to create, connect and restore places of integration for others along the path of life.
  • My vision is to be one who develops, enhances, and communicates through word and speech the transforming love of God.  Therefore I am committed to engage, provide and experience family relationships that mutually reflect the nurture and affirmation resulting from the healing love of Christ.  From this center I desire to engage in work that energizes me to daily pursue opportunities for others to experience and participate in the fullness of God’s love.  I am committed to be a bridge builder in that process where discipleship integrates faith with life.
  • I live in the state of Washington, in the Puget Sound area.
  • I grew up in Oregon, West Linn to be precise.  when I come back to this area I still feel like its home.
  • Growing up I played army, basketball and football with the neighbor boys and my cousins.
  • Some of my very best memories growing up revolve around Campfire summer camp. WoHeLo!
  • Some friends still call me “Pretz.”
  • I attended George Fox College (as it was known) before transferring to and graduating from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!)
  • I have a wonderful husband, Steve and three grown (almost) children — Carmen, Philip, and Becca, a wonderful son-in-law, Dave (married to Carmen) and two grandchildren.
  • When I read a novel I often cheat and jump ahead to see what’s happening.
  • Doing another triathlon is my motivation for getting and staying in shape.
  • I eat better and more “healthily” when I exercise.
  • I am loyal and have a strong sense toward justice.
  • When I was coaching basketball I once threw my shoe across the locker room after a very tense loss (I wasn’t mad at the girls, but we needed something to ease the frustration in the room).  I also once broke my clipboard across my knee because I disagreed with a referee’s call.  (I hope I’d “do better” if I was still coaching).
  • I love the smell of coffee in the mornings and holding the cup in my hand when I sit to be “quiet.”
  • I have an eclectic faith background.  Raised in a Baptist church,  attended a Friends (Quaker) church when I was a student at George Fox, attended a Foursquare church (Faith Center) in Eugene, after coming to WA we attended a charismatic non-denominational church and then landing in the Evangelical Covenant Church. Presently I have an opportunity to serve as a part-time ministry intern in a Baptist Church.
  • In college I knew that I wanted to serve Christ in full-time ministry.  I thought that would be in Christian camping.
  • I am fulfilling a very long held “dream” of going to seminary.
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