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Changes are afoot

July 20, 2009

The Table Together was initiated as the focus and outlet for a year long study for seminary on the subject of my choosing.  I chose women in ministry. I have reached the end of my studies for a seminary class, but not the end of my studies on women in ministry.  In fact I feel like I am just beginning.

But here are some things that are ahead.

  • The Table Together is going to be my primary blog for personal reflection, writings and insights regarding women in ministry, and seminary studies.
  • There will be some changes taking place over the next week or two or three weeks (however long it takes or when I get around to it).  Summer break is approaching.  In particular there will be changes to the “About” and Resource pages.  I may even add some additional pages.

I chose in my study to take a direction that would give men and women an opportunity to look at the place of women through the “eyes” of Jesus’ interactions with women in the Gospels.  The companion in our effort was to recognize how we read scripture makes a difference.  The Blue Parakeet is giving us solid footing as we look at God’s word. If you are new to this blog or want to review where we’ve been a good place to start is to check out the “Category Cloud” and click on Jesus and Women and The Blue Parakeet.

I pray for God’s shalom and love to be with you.

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