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Weekend Meditation

March 21, 2009

For you and I this weekend:

O how precious are Jesus’ ways to my soul,

suited to my weakness,

worth of a God!

I am nothing!  He is all!

I live moment by moment upon his smiles,

and desire nothing but to please him;

To grow in inward conformity to his will,

and sink deeper into humble love;

to let the light

of what his grace hath bestowed,

shine on all around,

and to live and die proclaiming,


— Hester Ann Rogers

Hester Ann Rogers was born in 1756.  Married to James Rogers.  One of John Wesley’s preachers. This “prayer” is taken from her diary and other writings.  It is recorded in the book: An Account of the Experience of Hester Ann Rogers written by Rogers and later published in 1893 in New York: Hunt & Eaton, pages 128-129.


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